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Spit Roast Parties

an imageWe Specialize in Spit Roast Buffet
Sydney Catering Companies is ideal for any event that you will have for these coming days. We cater foods that are cooked from various meats like chicken, pork, beef, lamb and turkey. Here we have the best deal in town, where you’ll be able to choose and make your own menu for your event.

Finger food and Cocktail food for the event is our specialty. Visit our site and have time to browse and decide the food that you think that are good for the event.

Fingerfood Parties

an imageCocktail Parties are a winner
Everybody loves cocktail parties.  Here at Sydney Catering Companies we will help you out to make your event more enjoyable by serving you foods that are tempting and appetizing.  Our finger food and cocktail food are best even those non vegetarian won’t notice of what they are eating and they will surely love it.

We have an offer that is good for you, now; you can create your own menu, making it more unique and just pick foods that you like the most. By this, you are working hassle free. But if don’t have enough time to do so, our Chef is here for you to be the one that will pick the best food at the right price and that will meet your budget for the said event.

Gourmet Barbecues

an imageGourmet Barbecues are Popular
Thinking about having a barbeque party for any time now, we can serve food the way you wanted. Using our fresh and properly picked meat for barbeque that will give the exact taste and that are properly cooked to bring out the juiciness of the meat.

We have our full-service that will cater you throughout the event from setting things up, serving the foods and will be the one to do the after care. With them you’ll be able to enjoy and be able to mingle with your guests.

Wedding Menus

an imageSpecial Wedding Menus
Whether it’s a cocktail party, a sit down menu or an elegant buffet we can do it just for your wedding day. We have our services that are right for your budget. With our service you can now pick and choose from our food items creating a unique menu. Isn’t that great?

Contact us and we will work together for the bid day of your life, your wedding. We will make it memorable just for you!